We are creating access to life-changing integrated therapies for mental, emotional, and physical health worldwide

Medically licensed psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy retreats

Medically licensed psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy retreats

HIVE BIO is where science-based healthcare and integrated psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy come together

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP): HIVE BIO holistic approach

At HIVE BIO we provide a platform for achieving profound mental breakthrough and transformation through holistic treatment plans and services individually tailored to your needs. Our Process includes online preparation, KAP with supportive activities, and of course integration after the experience. Our environment allows for a true focus on your treatment, while also offering an enjoyable and enriching retreat. We care for you as our patient; safety is of paramount importance to us, always in accordance with strict protocols, and with treatments developed and regularly practiced by expert clinicians.

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

Your journey

HIVE BIO program
Step 0 Step 1 2-3 weeks Step 2 1 week Step 3 3 weeks
First contact and Application Preparation online Treatment at HIVE BIO Aftercare online
  • Contact HIVE BIO and choose the program you would like to attend
  • Approval following comprehensive application (Psychiatric, Medical and Psychological Assessment)
  • Choose the dates for your retreat/visit
  • Complete some questionnaires which will help us to start to personalise your program
  • You will receive guidelines on how to prepare for your journey
  • 3 online in-depth preparation sessions to:
    • Explore your intentions and motivations for the KAP
    • Identify multiple factors that led to the decision to go for KAP
    • Identify which matters deeply affect your life and explore the impact of lifestyle, challenges, strengths, innate preferences etc
    • Learn about the KAP process and how to navigate this to optimise the experience
    • We continue to design your personalised program
  • Medical Screening upon arrival
  • Relax in beautiful surroundings and serene setting conducive to relaxation and readiness for the work
  • Wellness and mindfulness activities specifically designed to prepare and resource you for the KAP sessions
  • KAP sessions and Integration sessions
  • Activities designed to ground, embody, and help crystallize the important parts of your KAP journey
  • Develop an action plan to support long-lasting transformation back home
  • 3 online integration sessions to help you develop the confidence and competence to:
    • Maintain new self-care habits, practices, and ways of thinking
    • Apply changes in your lifestyle, behaviour, thought patterns, and self-image to “real life”
    • Observing and overcoming setbacks you may encounter
    • Continue to design the life you want for yourself

Our story

HIVE BIO was founded in early 2020 based on the notion that the world needs access to psychedelic medicines which require specialised clinical infrastructure and the highest standards of patient care.

Our story
  • Legal framework
  • Medical and psychological supervision
  • Highly trained licensed professionals
  • Standardized safety protocols
  • Individually tailored treatment
  • Holistic care and personal guidance
  • Ample time to process and integrate
  • Safe and outstanding environment

We are clinic/retreat hybrid, specifically modeled to offer the best modern medicine has to offer in an environment where our guests can feel deep comfort and a connection to themselves, the earth, and the love that they deserve.

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Our story

HIVE BIO Malta medical retreat

HIVE BIO Malta is our flagship center located on the magnificent island of Gozo in the glistening mediterranean. While we love showing off the beautiful view and holistic amenities, we are most proud of the team we have built for this location.

Finding true medical professionals that are not only open to the realm of psychedelic medicine but also experienced in it is a difficult task that we believe sets us apart from the rest of the industry. We are also proud to employ extremely skilled psychedelic integration specialists. Psychedelic integration might be an even harder area to find well-qualified candidates. with a lack of formal/medically recognized training programmes for this specific skill, as well as the deep background of personal experience that is necessary for compassionate and effective integration in which the patient actually feels understood.

HIVE BIO Malta medical retreat
HIVE BIO is the first licensed medical retreat to use ketamine-assisted psychotherapy in Europe.