Set and Setting at HIVE BIO: Shaping Perceptual Lenses During Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy Treatment

Set and Setting at Shaping Perceptual Lenses During Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy Treatment

What are Set and Setting?

“Set and setting” is a widely used term when talking about expanding your horizons with the help of psychedelic drugs. Popularised by psychedelic pioneer Timothy Leary, this term describes the interaction of three components: the psychedelic drug, your state of mind, and your environment.

Set for a psychedelic experience?

‘Set’ refers to the internal emotional and mental state of the person undergoing psychedelic treatment. In contrast ‘setting’ refers to the external world: the weather, the safety and comfort of a room, the colors and aesthetic appeal of the furniture, clothing, and pictures on the wall. Under treatment with psychedelic drugs, the person becomes hypersensitive to internal and external stimuli.

The inner and outer perspectives are like lenses that reflect and refract the beam of the psychedelic drug. The beam is always the same, but the pattern of the final ornament is absolutely unique and individual and depends entirely on the set and setting – the internal and external states that determine the ‘physical properties of the lenses of perception.

HIVE BIO is a modern mental wellness clinic where various illnesses from depression to different types of anxiety are treated with a certain algorithm and protocols of a psychedelic drug. We attach great importance to paying careful attention to the set and setting. Putting theory into practice, the guests can be sure that it is not just technical terminology for us.

How we “Set” at HIVE BIO

When first contacting the HIVE BIO clinic, our guest is met by a mental health professional who does their best to understand the person’s mental state and reasons for wanting to try psychedelics-assisted psychotherapy. To see what motivations and intentions they have for the experience, and also any preconceptions they may have about psychedelics (dangerous, fun, spiritual, etc) . Sometimes Set can be as easy as choosing some intentions for your journey and building trust with your “guides”, other times it can require a little more work if the person has had negative past experiences with psychedelics for example. The magnification of any unresolved internal issues under psychedelic treatment should be considered. Therefore, a therapist can offer our guests a second opinion and insight into the person’s current set for the experience as well as ways to prepare and improve their set prior to treatment at HIVE BIO.

It is also a great way to build a trusting relationship with the therapist. The therapist is there to help our guests feel safe and supported in whatever way they need. During the treatment session, the sensitivity to the inner state increases and therefore it is essential to have professional support at your side.

Prior to the day of the treatment, it is recommended to avoid any (including online) interaction with people who are not the closest to you to minimize the risk of possible stress, misunderstandings, and arguments before the treatment, as this can turn the mental state in a bad direction and form the wrong ground for the session.

In addition, our guests should make their healing journey at HIVE BIO absolutely free of any obligations and promises. The right setting also includes being calm and free from all worries and business. The guest should take care of placing their dog in a pet hotel or paying the electronic bills in advance to be confident that all tasks are solved or at least can wait.

Setting for Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy.

This term refers to the environment. In the case of the HIVE BIO Mental Wellness Clinic, it means a safe, comfortable, private, modern, clean, and esthetically pleasing environment where the guest can feel at home. The guest may be wrapped in a soft blanket and seated on a comfortable sofa, the lights are dim and all unnecessary external influences are eliminated. The guest is in a safe place and can continue their healing experience. Should the journey become overwhelming or challenging, the guest may be assisted by a therapist who has extensive experience in psychedelic-assisted treatment.

Taken together, set and setting are one of the most important elements of a successful healing journey. In HIVE BIO we know all the caviars and obstacles that can accompany the treatment process, and we make sure that the set and settings of our guests absolutely resonate with the therapeutic effects of the psychedelic drug, leading to the most successful results of therapy.